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"Find your purpose, live your joy and be your intentions" - my tribute to Dr Wayne Dyer.

I came across these notes below only a few days ago. Universal timing because today marks the day that one of my greatest teachers left this place for what he would refer to as “the other room.” I came late to his work at a time where he seemed to be moving away from his earlier teachings of motivational psychology to a more spiritual platform and one that I instantly connected with. They say when you are ready the teacher appears and that was the case for myself and Dr Wayne Dyer.

Today is his one year since his passing and just one week prior to that I attended his “I am Light” conference in Melbourne. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a weekend more and I’ve had a pretty great life so far! The insights I received were unexpected and yet perfect as always.

And then one week later he was gone and taught me even more just in that passing.

I wrote the words below the day I learned of his death. It was Monday morning 30th August 2015 here in Australia and I was gutted to hear that he had left us.

This is a summary of the notes I took that weekend listening to him speak in Melbourne. If you read his work or have heard him speak you might enjoy these scribbles below. For some it might be a bit out there…but I’m a bit out there, and if you get one thing out of it, then mission accomplished Dr Dyer!

I filled an entire book with his teachings and have never felt so at peace and connected as I did in that room for those two days. It was one of the most affecting experiences of my life.

Here is just a summary of the lessons I connected with the most.

Written 30th August 2015

It’s been only a week since I attended the Wayne Dyer I am Light course in Melbourne. Today is Monday and when I switched on my phone this morning I read of Dr Dyer’s passing. I’m deeply saddened, a little in shock and at the same time have a great appreciation and understanding for the next stage of life. Wayne would say he is still here and is just in another form or in another room. This was the conversation he was having in Melbourne and yet it seems like he is the ultimate teacher once again. Not only does he speak of the other realm, but then 1 week later he passes and teaches with first-hand experience that we are all from the light. I’m sad because I will miss him. I will miss his voice on the radio every Tuesday morning and the solitude and internal peace I felt every time I heard him speak. I often felt that I knew him and though I’ve come to his teachings a little later than others, it was as if I understood him internally, spiritually and from a place of having met before. Like for many others, for me he was like a spiritual father and in some ways that is what I am mourning today.

As mentioned above it has only been a week since I sat in a room with thousands of others listening to him speak and ask questions. He was forever learning and teaching and I know that this is what I want for the rest of my life.

To teach, to live, to speak, to write.

So here is what I’ve absorbed in that one short week since I sat in your conference room Dr Dyer.

I will never forget the impact you had on me that weekend. How I walked out of there changed forever and knowing that I could no longer hold back on my journey. I walked through the city of Melbourne back to my hotel room, feeling different, lighter and inspired.

Radical wellbeing – listening to my body and only putting into it what I want to come out of it. You asked us if we were to squeeze ourselves like an orange what would come out. Up until that weekend it would have been a lot of judgement and maybe even some anger. However, I’ve shifted into acceptance that each of us has our own life and our own journey. You told a story of the man you judged at the holy site. The man in the bathrooms who handed you a towel. Your recognition that he was a man wanting to help you, a human and someone to be seen and understood, was a great lesson. I felt connected to everyone in the room at that moment. That we are all human and make mistakes of judgement. However, what you spoke of next changed me.

When you say or think something that comes from the place of judgement, to catch yourself in the thought. But your explanation of how you can make radical change and long lasting change was the clincher. First you catch yourself, then correct yourself for what you have said and recognise that it came from a place of judgement. Then the key, the piece I had been missing was about making amends. When I heard you speak of your situation, how you turned around and went to apologise to the man you had judged, I immediately sent a text message to a friend who I had wronged. It wasn’t sitting well with me. It truly does take that to make a difference. Once I had done this I felt a wave of peace come over me. I forgave myself for being judgmental and I felt something shift in my soul. Thank You.

Burning Desires – I’ve heard you speak about this topic often and it certainly has brought about change in my life. Again in Melbourne you spoke of them when you said;

The Burning Desires you have inside you are really those things in your life that you need to be listening to and following.

They start with a whisper and then it feels like you cannot live unless you do this. You explained it in a way that when we feel this desire inside you, it is God or spirit talking to you. I’ve known since I was a teenager that this world of personal development and education was my world and what gives me joy and peace. I am moving and transitioning to this more and more as I retrain as a coach and start to share my feelings of wanting to write. I get excited at the idea of wanting to be in this world. I get excited when I imagine myself doing this all the time. I just need to jump right in. The excitement is the cue that I’m on the unfolding path.

This is about learning, questioning, understanding your higher self and your purpose and reason for being here.

Imagining yourself as if it has already happened. You taught me to future project and see this life as already created. In a way it is not unlike what you have created. I don’t seek the fame or fortune but just getting the message out there and educating and healing others to love and accept themselves for who they are. I’m not sure of the how or the why but I know that I am going to follow this path and allow Spirit to have a plan for me and take it where it needs to go. I know when I speak from the heart and from a place of truth and love that people will listen and they do listen. However, you reminded me that you have to be willing to listen and insist on yourself moving in this direction. I will love myself enough to let go of the expectations that I have for myself and just keep focusing on the message and the work that I want to learn about and develop. If enthusiasm is the God within then I want that for myself.

Where the path to God ends the path in God begins. (Call it God, spirit or universe it doesn’t matter) I am from the source so therefore I am source. I am the source of my own light and love that I bring into the world. To keep imagining if I am squeezed that love, knowledge, learning and understanding just keeps coming out. From this I must let go of my cravings and my desire to have something better or do better. If I knew my life would just unfold in the right way, in the way it needs to, I would live fearlessly and just trust. Let go of the need for perfection.

I am an expression of universal energy so how can I not love myself of which I am from. There is no need not to love myself. If I’m from source and am created from this then there is nothing but pure love because the source is pure love. It is the ego and the conscious mind that is at work when these thoughts are not pure so I will notice, and be still, and see when they are taking over. My choices are now made from love not fear. There is no need for fear as love is the energy that is required. Keeping myself in this state is necessary for me to create this life of teaching and learning.

If God (spirit, universe) is the creative source of everything and God is in us, the creative source of everything is in us. Use the word spirit or universe or mother nature, it is the same.

A clear lesson for me from this weekend was to teach teach teach. I kept hearing that over and over again. Let go of the how and the why and of the money or the expectations of money and just teach teach teach. Just keep imagining success in what you have dreamt about. I dream of writing and speaking to the world, so just keep dreaming about what that would feel like look like and it will happen for you.

Once a day imagine how may I serve and how may I reach out. What can I do to be of service in the world? What are the gifts I have and how can they serve the world? Ask this question every day. How can I be of service, how can I make a difference?

As a parent the great lesson I learned from you Dr Dyer was that I don’t get to decide who my child is. That is, the soul of my child has a plan and it is not for me to tell it what it should be. When your child is showing you opposition that is their soul screaming at you saying that you cannot tell me who to be, or what to be. I am my own person.

A parent must GUIDE, PROTECT and STEP ASIDE. This was your unexpected gift to me this weekend and I know my parenting will be all the better for it.

You spoke of the 3 kinds of love according to Peter Duneov.

Human love – it changes and varies. It can be intense and cold.

Spiritual love – never changes but varies. Parent/Child love and the soulmate. But no matter what, the love is there and it does not go away.

Divine love – a love that never changes and never varies. Our source has this love for us and in turn asks nothing of us. Love that is unconditional.

We become what we think about. When we love ourselves we expect good things to happen. About 2 years ago I wanted to be a life coach. I thought about it, read about it and the next thing you know I’m on a plane to Hawaii and finding a way to become a coach. At times I’m slightly paralysed with fear about where to take all of this but I recognise that, and know I just need to trust myself and my souls path. It’s a risk but the risk of remaining in the bud is greater. Love keeps you safe and fear immobilises you.

Find your purpose, live your joy and be your intentions.

This is the part I am now focused on Dr Dyer. This is where I hear your voice and where I will remember you.

As a self-actualised person I must be what I can be. That is being my best self and being committed to a life of learning. My purpose it to pass that on to others so that they can be the best they can be.

Forever grateful Dr Dyer.

Jo x

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