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"Jo Langhorne is a dedicated, mature, and focused coach who can help take you where you want to go. You can trust her implicitly, with confidence you will move toward your goals and your life will get better through your interaction with her."


Alan Cohen. Author of A Deep Breath of Life


"When I met with Jo for our coaching session, she was able to get me to focus on exactly what was holding me back and blocking me from reaching my goals. Jo worked with me on a scenario that pushed me to do better for myself and gave me a lot more confidence. She was empathetic, encouraging, and spot-on with her assessment of my situation. I felt so inspired and motivated after our session, it went well beyond my expectations! I highly recommend Jo for her incredible life coaching skills."


BB. Melbourne


“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and  I can see things in a different way.  I feel like I have some new tools now which I can already see will have an amazing effect on my ability to take control of my state, rather than slipping into negative thought patterns again.  Thank you so much Jo, I loved our session and am super grateful.”

SF. Melbourne


“She was great at listening and keeping me on track, as well as reinforcing what I was talking about.  She also gave me the opportunity to see clearly, but did not push me in any direction, and encouraged me to go forward and seek out other avenues to move forward with my goals. I feel more positive about achieving my goals, and rather than being in a holding pattern, I feel clearer about the direction I want to go, and have an idea about how I want to achieve my goals.

Jo has really helped me to see sense and in a way has validated a lot of my feelings, which has relieved a huge sense of guilt and shame that I was carrying, whilst empowering me to change and move forward.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet with Jo, this came at a time when I really was struggling and I am thankful for her insight and time.” 

JV. Melbourne


Fertility Testimonial

"I have had the privilege of being supported by Jo Langhorne as a life coach this last few months. It's been one of the most personally difficult times in my life facing the challenges of fertility treatment. I feel like I only survived it because I had someone like her who was there for me, at all the right moments, with such sound advice. She skilfully extracted things from me about what I wanted and needed, and reflected them back to me. She led me in formulating a plan when I felt lost. She supported me in finding purpose in my life when I felt like giving up. She helped me to get focused and achieve outcomes I never expected. I was given the space to authentically share my feelings and really be heard. I was able to survive a challenging time without it feeling so bad after fact I was able to see how fortunate I really am.  I think Jo has a real talent for nurturing and inspiring others and supporting them to reach their goals in a very personal way. I'll forever be grateful for my time with Jo, and would highly recommend her as a life coach to anybody who needs support and inspiration!"

LM. Victoria


“I am just thinking more deeply about my goals now. I feel that I am starting to open a channel that did not exist before.  I am looking at myself a lot closer, digesting how I do or do not do things well.  I am moving away from denial, towards acceptance.  Acceptance that I am the creator and can create what I desire.  I’m in the driver’s seat!  I think the session gave us ample time together to discuss everything that was necessary, so I was really pleased about that.  I felt that Jo gave me her undivided attention for the whole session, and that she was just as passionate about what I wanted as I was!  I felt that that was the loveliest aspect of it – to be able to share your dreams and wishes with someone and feel their enthusiasm for them to come true too.  If that makes sense!  It was exciting!” 

MM. United Kingdom


I recently sought the help of Jo after having a bit of a mid life crisis. I was feeling lost with my career choices and really needed someone to help steer me in the right direction. Within the first 20 minutes of meeting Jo I already felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Jo doesn't give you the answers or tell you what you should or shouldn't do, she does however listen and makes you think about things In a way that you may not have done already. The best thing about this is you do tend to move through different topics and issues but Jo has the skill to keep everything relevant. Jo carries with her a sense of calm and instantly you feel like she is someone you can trust.  I had friends comment after only 2 sessions on how much happier I was! I cannot speak highly enough of Jo. Thanks!

JS. Melbourne


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