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New Beginnings

Today I am moved by the ending of something. I feel it in my eyes and in my heart which feels open and vulnerable. Endings are something I’m familiar with as I’m frequently chasing new beginnings. It goes with the territory.

Today marks the end of the journey to becoming a Coach. I’m closing the door on the training and the setting up phase and fully stepping into the coaching world, ready to collaborate with others to create their best life. Kind of scary for me because as I was training and setting up, I was able to hold back a little from making the leap. By jumping in, I’ve made the transition and I’m part excited, part terrified yet driven by a knowing that this is what I love to do. It is the formation of my new business, a new direction and a way of living my truth every day. I’ve found the medium in which I can let go of my ego and be fully of service to others. It’s a small part, it’s my part, and it’s a home I recognize and feel supported within. This is what it feels like to be on purpose.

Today I give thanks for the opportunities in my life that have lead me to these next steps. In my 30’s I worked hard striving for a career that I thought would bring me fulfillment and joy. To reach a milestone in that career was all I wanted as I yearned for status, influence and success. It served me well and took me to the next stage but what I could never have known was when I achieved that dream I felt more hollow and empty on the inside than when I began the climb. What I never expected was how I could find simplicity, love and gratitude in the simplest of ideas, the ease of good structure and the joy of being at home with my family, whilst creating flexible work to support my purpose. I thought that being successful was measured by status, money and achievements but now I see that for me it is having the flexibility to learn, grow and coach others that really moves and shakes me.

Today I’m pursuing many dreams and visions of myself. I am now more balanced in my approach to life. A good career for me is something that fits with my life as I choose it, not me fitting into the restraints and conditions of the “good job.” I have found a peace in knowing that I am provided for by the synchronicity of the universe, my own hard work and the ability to provide an income for myself and my family. At the same time I am pursuing dreams and interests that match who I really am and bringing all of this to my new role as a Coach.

Today I have the understanding and acceptance that life is perceived differently by all of us. Some chase the dreams of fame, success, money and status, others work to pay bills and put food on the table and some do both, juggling family, career and life. Ultimately we are all doing what we think is right for us, right here, right now. For me that is about the pursuit of light, joy and education.

Today I am very clear that it is my purpose to coach others to find their joy and their soul’s greatest expression of itself. Taking time to be your best in life not for the ego but for the sheer thrill of learning and growing.

I’ve let go of the pursuit to find my one passion and instead have decided to live a passionate life.

Today I commit to bringing forth my authentic self so that I can coach others to live a life of simplicity, joy and intention. Just taking a moment to shine a light on your own soul, consider your purpose and then make choices with a clear intention. That’s my mantra!

Today I ask the universe to support me in this vision. To hold my hand and guide me as I take these new steps into this passionate life.

Today I promise myself that I will no longer keep this joy, excitement and vision inside. I will step out into the bright light of myself.

And just to keep it light….. In the wise words of Dr Seuss,


Be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray

Or Moredcai Ali Van Allen O’Shea

You’re off to Great Places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting.

So…..get on your way!”


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