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"My Soulful India journey touched me in a way I never expected. India was somewhere I was adamant I never, ever wanted to visit and now I have left wanting to return! I loved the people, the colour, the life and all the wonderful personal experiences we had. I love to travel but I am not a backpacker! For me this trip was a great way to see India knowing that things would be organised and that I would be safe. But aside of these practical details I loved that this itinerary encompassed so much more than just a “tourist visit” and that I could share this journey and bond with a wonderful group of women. What a unique and wonderful way to experience the wonder of a new travel destination – I loved it!"


Mary, Orange


What a unique travel experience!  Jo has combined her passion for travel, life coaching and education by creating a one of a kind small group tour.  My recent trip to India focused on covering highlights of the golden triangle, beautiful hotels situated just outside the hustle and bustle of the major cities, yet close enough to be able to enjoy the culture, food and history on offer.  Jo worked very closely with the local guide to provide experiences additional to the itinerary that allowed us to experience the daily lives and rituals of the locals.  Through skillful guidance via the workshops, Jo facilitated a close knit community of women who bonded really well and made the most of every gem this trip had to offer.  I would highly recommend a “My Soutime” tour.

Gillian, Sydney


“Time for me, my heart, my soul and my mind. What an amazing way to take time out of everyday life and to experience a country with other like minded women. A country rich in colour, heritage, values and belief’s, I was able to learn so much about the Indian way of life and the gorgeous people whilst learning so much about myself. I learned that it’s ok to be myself and to let go of the things that don’t matter.

My heart is full of Spirit, Love and Joy. I’m forever grateful to have been able to share in such an amazing experience.” 

Kerrie, Sydney


"India was so much more than what I thought I was going to experience. I felt that I was in the right place at the right time and I remained present and in the moment. I was able to let go of everything else which was so refreshing.


There is so much beauty in India, the fact that in one line of sight you have homeless people begging on the street, then the next line of sight you have people feeding homeless animals and taking care of the landscape and then you look to the other side and there is so much colour. I have never seen so much beauty in poverty. People are just nice to each other and have respect for each other and their presence. 


I originally thought that India was going to break my heart, this is due to the homeless people and in particular the children on the street, I was prepared as much as I could be for this and I was expecting a bit of a broken heart.


What I got was an open, blessed, loving and truthful heart, India in fact healed my heart in some amazing way. I am truly blessed to have been on the trip and it has blown me away with every sight I saw and every feeling I felt.


Jo, for this experience I cannot thank you enough, I went from not knowing you and only having met you a couple of times to sitting at a table during one work shop thinking and feeling like “this women is amazing, I feel like I have known her forever”.  I will forever cherish this experience."

Kerry, Melbourne


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